Southeast Student Renewable Energy Conference

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The 2011 SSREC is going to be held from Nov 4-6 at the University of North Carolina - Asheville, co-hosted by the Southern Energy Network and Active Students for a Healthy Environment (ASHE)! 

                                                What is SSREC?

Everyone is and will be affected by global warming, but no one will feel the impact as much as the current generation of young people. More than any other group, students have the energy, intelligence, resources, and idealism to help solve the biggest challenge the world has ever faced. Additionally, compared to other constituencies, our generation marks climate change as one of the issues they care most about. That's why passionate, smart, visionary young people are essential to this fight.The Southeast Student Renewable Energy Conference (SSREC) is a collaborative effort to bring together youth and students who are driven to make change in their communities. This conference provides them with the tools to organize within their individual campuses and communities and build the skills they need to become leaders. During three days of action-packed, inspiring and fun activities, students will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn from the experiences of students who have already organized successful clean energy campaigns and energy improvement projects at other universities.
  • Return home with the experiences, knowledge and networking necessary to organize clean energy campaigns in their own campuses and communities!

The conference will offer an exciting experience featuring workshops, cutting-edge presentations, panel discussions, and a high-energy networking atmosphere focused on growing the youth clean energy movement in the South.

The SSREC will empower youth leaders to make a stand and take action on complex challenges of the 21st century. The conference will highlight problems and solutions to issues surrounding energy, the economy, and the environment. Our purpose is to identify and defray the systemic injustices that inhibit transformational progress on theseissues in the Southeast, the United States, and worldwide. Through an assortment of workshops, trainings, and speakers, youth from across the region will engage in a participatory process of skill-building and strategizing for a more equitable, prosperous, and sustainable planet. 

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The Resource Fair is a space for SSREC participants to browse, network, and becoming more involved with campaigns, projects, and non-profits around the Southeast. It's a great place to find a summer internship or job, sign up to volunteer, or to just learn more about the critical issues facing our region. If you would like to have a table, please visit our resource fair registration page

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